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Comic-Con International 2017: The T&I Connection


For Comic-Con 2017 this year, ATISDA sent an elite group of undercover heroes (translators and interpreters by day) to prepare a top-secret dispatch on all the goings-on in San Diego for the international event. Here is the report they filed back at HQ:

Two years ago, our ATISDA undercover superheroes brought you the scoop on how many professional T&I opportunities you could find at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) International. If you missed it, you can read it here. Since that blog post, many of you have shared with us your successful stories working as translators and copywriters and with localizing materials for the gaming and entertainment industry. Last year, one of our ATISDA members was hired to interpret for a comic artist during SDCC, which required both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting skills. In addition to that, some of our members were able to learn how to create fictional languages at the CFI Annual Conference held in Los Angeles last October from none other than the brilliant David J. Peterson, who is the creator of several fictional languages featured in TV shows and movies, including Valyrian from HBO’s Game of Thrones.


After reading all that, you can imagine how excited our undercover heroes were to visit this year’s SDCC. Well, their excitement came to an end when the first translated signs they were able to find, located outside the Mattel Vault, were poorly translated. If you look at the translated sign shown below, you will realize that just having a fresh pair of qualified eyes to proofread and edit the text would have taken this translation from bad to excellent. Why wasn’t a professional hired to do that job? Because it is up to us, translators and interpreters, to educate the clients. An easy way to get the message across is by sharing the publications Translation and Interpreting: Getting it Right available on the American Translators Association (ATA) website. If we all try to educate at least one new client this year, it will make a big difference and we will not find so many of these mediocre translations at international events like Comic-Con. Will you help us? May the force be with us!


Translated sign at Comic-Con. A professional Spanish translator and editor would be able to improve this translation.