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We Know What You Did Last Year!

Did you resolve to get more involved in professional affiliations and networking in 2017? As the newest ATA Affiliate, ATISDA has had a successful past year because of its strong volunteers. Check out the month-by-month review of ATISDA’s accomplishments this year that the Executive Council put together.

You’ll see that ATISDA is on the rise, and you can play a role in making 2017 another strong year for our organization by getting involved throughout the year and voting in the upcoming elections this month.


Our Executive Council writes:

It is said that time flies when you are having fun, and we know that is why 2016 went by so fast for us. Last year was a wild ride, and you, our dear ATISDA members, made it a memorable one.

We have often referred to ATISDA as our small but mighty association. Well, it seems that we are not that small anymore, since our membership grew by 50% in 2016!

A spectacular year has come to a close and here are some of the highlights:

December 2015

ATISDA became an affiliate of the University of Arizona’s National Center for Interpretation (NCI), and through that agreement, our members receive an exclusive discount on all of NCI’s training courses. This is a great opportunity for those ATISDA members who need continuing education credits to fulfill licensing requirements or for new members who wish to hone their interpretation and translation skills.

Those members interested in getting this discount should visit NCI’s website and/or contact ATISDA at to get the discount code after validating their ATISDA membership.

Thanks to ATISDA member Dr. Gloria Rivera for facilitating this relationship with NCI.

January 2016

This was a very busy month for ATISDA. Jenae Spry organized an ATISDA Networking Happy Hour and presented a workshop about Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

After months of hard work from our Bylaws Review Committee (BRC), our members voted to approve the amendments to the ATISDA bylaws and gave the Board the green light to move forward with the request to become an ATA affiliated group.

Thanks to the three members of the BRC, Luis Ortiz, Oscar Gonzales, and Charlotte Bockman, for making that voting possible.


Networking Happy Hour, January 2016



Dragon NaturallySpeaking Workshop, January 2016

February 2016

Jenae Spry hosted an ATISDA Networking Happy Hour, and Dr. Gloria Rivera presented the workshop Ouch! Understanding Pain!

March 2016

Jenae Spry presented a workshop about MS Word for translators and Yedid Becker organized the ATISDA Spring Social.

Joana Vieira became the ATISDA Membership Committee Chair.

Melissa Kamenjarin became our ATISDA blogger. She had very big shoes to fill because our dear Daire Coco had done a phenomenal job, but Melissa has really taken the challenge and run with it. We are loving her blog posts. Keep up the good work, Melissa!

April 2016

The American Translators Association (ATA) approved our Affiliate status on April 30th! You can read more about it here: We would like to thank Jamie Padula and Tony Guerra for their guidance and support during the whole process.

Dr. Gloria Rivera presented the workshop Medical History & Other Stories, and Jenae Spry hosted an ATISDA Networking Happy Hour.

May 2016

Yaisha Vargas did not want to leave California without sharing her expertise with our members and she presented a workshop about mindfulness for translators and interpreters. We miss you, Yaisha!

Marco Díaz organized an ATISDA Networking Happy Hour.

June 2016

Jenae Spry hosted an ATISDA Networking Happy Hour, and ATISDA’s leadership went to support those who took the ATA Certification Exam at the UCSD Extension campus.


Networking Happy Hour, June 2016


ATA Certification Exam, June 2016

July 2016

Guest Speaker Felicity Di Pisa presented a workshop about financial challenges, and Dr. Gloria Rivera hosted an ATISDA Networking Happy Hour.

The ATISDA LinkedIn group was created, which is for ATISDA members only.

August 2016

Jenae Spry hosted an ATISDA Networking Happy Hour, because our members love this monthly event!

September 2016

Jenae Spry presented a workshop about Dropbox and ABBYY FineReader.

Brian Gruters organized the first meeting of Pensadores (Thinkers), a collaboration between ATISDA and the ATA Spanish Division (ATA SPD).

Thanks to Micaela Novas for creating the Google Group Pensadores to provide an electronic space for members to continue refining their Spanish skills between in-person meetings.

The Nominating Committee (NC) 2016/17 was formed. Thanks to the NC members, Matthew Capelle, Marco Díaz, and Brian Gruters, for organizing the upcoming election on January 28th, 2017.

October 2016

Ron Jenson, America’s Life Coach, was the guest speaker at our International Translation Day Celebration 2016. Thanks to Lorena Richards, one of our founding members, for inviting Dr. Jenson to our event!

Brian Gruters organized the second meeting of the ATISDA and ATA SPD Spanish group Pensadores, and Jenae Spry hosted an ATISDA Networking Happy Hour.


Pensadores meeting, October 2016

November 2016

Over 20 of our members attended the ATA’s 57th Annual Conference in San Francisco. Six of our members presented seven different sessions at the conference. We were a very active bunch! You can read about our experiences and see pictures here:

We met to watch the linguist-centered movie Arrival, and Brian Gruters organized a Pensadores meeting.


ATISDA table at the ATA Conference, November 2016


ATA Conference in San Francisco, November 2016


Pensadores meeting, November 2016

December 2016

Marta Nieto organized the ATISDA End-of-the-Year event at the Costa Brava Restaurant.


End-of-the-Year Event, December 2016

Phew! That was a lot! If you are still reading this, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage all ATISDA members to cast their votes in the upcoming election on Saturday, January 28th, 2017. Details here:

Happy 2017 from the ATISDA Executive Council!

Yolanda Secos (President)

Artemisa Valle (Treasurer)

Leo van Zanten (Secretary)


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