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We Want You!

uncle sam-we want you

Seven years after its founding, ATISDA is at a critical juncture. The Association needs YOU to move forward and thrive!

If you want to help ATISDA grow, the newly elected Board wants to hear from you now. Send in your ideas and suggestions online (click here) before Thursday, February 26, so that the Board has time to review them before its meeting on February 28, 2015, in Encinitas (more info). Then plan to attend the meeting so you can take an active role in the discussion and vote on specific issues regarding ATISDA’s future.

If you can’t attend the meeting in person, you are still asked to send in your suggestions, comments and ideas because it’s crucial for the Board to hear from as many members as possible.

Participation from more members is the key since right now ATISDA is being kept alive by the active support of just a few members, mostly the Board members. But they can’t do it alone. In order for ATISDA to grow, more members need to become involved. If you’re scratching your head wondering how you can help, here are some examples:

  • communicate to the Board what changes you want to see
  • provide feedback about what is and isn’t working (events, website, blog, Facebook page, etc.)
  • contribute your time (as a guest blogger or a committee member, for instance)
  • share your expertise to benefit other members (conduct a workshop, for example)

Remember, ATISDA is a non-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers. If Uncle Sam doesn’t motivate you, then how about JFK?: “And so, my fellow ATISDA members, ask not what ATISDA can do for you, ask what you can do for ATISDA.”


ATISDA Starts a New Chapter


New Executive Board Members (L to R): Leo van Zanten, Secretary; Gabriela Mejia, President; Artemisa Valle, Treasurer; Yolanda Secos, Vice President.

After months of planning and preparations, ATISDA now has a new Executive Board. Although it includes many familiar faces, it has a new dynamic and a renewed commitment to the T&I community in Southern California.

The official results of the January 31 elections are as follows:

  • President: Gabriela Mejia
  • Vice President: Yolanda Secos
  • Treasurer: Artemisa Valle
  • Secretary: Leo van Zanten
  • Member at Large: Connie Jimenez
  • Member at Large: Charlotte Bockman
  • Member at Large (alternate): Marcelo Fernandez

A big round of applause goes to the new ATISDA Board members not just for their election victories, but for their dedication to the organization. Without their continued volunteer support, ATISDA would not exist. A special thank you also goes to everyone who made the elections possible and to all the members who voted.

Recognizing that not everyone had an opportunity to cast a ballot, the new Board would like to invite all members to its first official meeting on February 28, 2015, where it will discuss its goals and objectives for the next two years. If you have suggestions for the Board, then mark your calendar now because this will be your chance to be heard.  More information about that in the next blog.  


Daire Coco, Connie Jimenez and Charlotte Bockman tally up the votes.


Outgoing President, Andy Benzo, hands off the “baton” to her successor, Gabriela Mejia.


Yolanda Secos and Artemisa Valle deserve recognition for hosting a memorable and classy election event.